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Delivered by road, rail or vessel anywhere in the world and suitable for self assembly.

System is self contained and can be assembled on the quayside or the vessel

Basket Carousel system comprises basket, Spider frame base, Gooseneck tower and 20ft Containerised HPU. The basket is rotated by electrically driven under-rollers. The basket can be raised or lowered via jacking cylinders on the spider frame under-rollers.

During vessel transit, the drive wheels will be dis-engaged, and the basket lowered to the storage position, meaning the basket will be resting on the spider frame base. Rotational speed is varied by means of proportional hydraulic valves on the HPU.

The Gooseneck at the top of the tower has the ability to slew approximately 30deg by means of a manually operated hydraulic ram, this function enables the product to be coiled more easily when loading. Similarly assisting the product, to exit the basket during lay operations.