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The Oceanteam Solutions turntable systems consist of a turntable, basket, gooseneck tower and 2 x 20ft Containerised HPU’s. The basket can be raised or lowered via jacking cylinders on the turntable so that during vessel transit the basket can be lowered into a storage position and locked by means of two hydraulically operated “pins”. Rotation is varied by means of controlling hydraulic proportional salves within the HPU’s. Our turntables can be delivered within 3 month timeframe.

The new patented turntable are designed for flexibility and quick mobilisation on standard psv/csv switch limited deck load. The modular systems are delivered to the mobilization site in 40ft containers. All system components are “plug and play” and interchangeable.

As a result of this new philosophy the equipment is sea and road transportable and can be mobilized to any port around the world in a highly cost effective manner.