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British Ports Warn of 'No Deal' Brexit

The British Ports Association has issued a new warning today on the significant challenges for some ports around a ‘no deal’ Brexit, ahead of today’s vote in the UK Parliament.

On the possibility of a disorderly Brexit and the impact upon trade Richard Ballantyne, Chief Executive of the British Ports Association, said: "We are urging Parliament and Ministers to take the responsible step of ruling out a ‘no deal’ Brexit. UK ports are resilient and have been involved in extensive planning for this scenario but that has always about mitigating for disruption, not avoiding it. While many UK ports will continue as usual there will undoubtedly be significant challenges for particular ports with trade with Europe.

"We have consistently said that a ‘no deal’ Brexit must be avoided. Many in the wider logistics industry have warned of shortages of skills and the required infrastructure to continue to support free flowing trade with the EU and we remain concerned that leaving without an agreement is reckless and unnecessary.

We are also concerned about the wider impact on the economy of a ‘no deal’, which according to Government figures could lead to a significant slow down in trade and business activity.”

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