Governor Ned Lamont has announced that...">
Governor Ned Lamont has announced that...">

Final agreement reached for New London State Pier

Governor Ned Lamont has announced that the State of Connecticut and its partners Gateway Terminal, Ørsted, and Eversource have reached a final agreement on a harbour development plan for State Pier in New London. The infrastructure upgrades are expected to supporting the State Pier in meeting the requirements of the offshore wind industry.

The Connecticut Port Authority (CPA), the state’s quasi-public agency responsible for promoting and coordinating the development of the state’s ports and maritime industry, terminal operator Gateway Terminal, and joint venture partners Ørsted and Eversource have finalised the agreement to redevelop State Pier into a port facility through a combined public-private investment of $157 million.

The updated memorandum of understanding reflects crucial feedback from key community partners regarding the importance of the rail link and State Pier’s neighbour, Cross Sound Ferry. The state and its partners worked with Cross Sound Ferry to permit installation vessels to dock on the east side of an upgraded State Pier. This allows State Pier to accept additional heavy lift cargo vessels over the long-term while enabling Cross Sound Ferry to continue to grow its operations in New London.

The CPA will oversee the project while working closely and in collaboration with Ørsted and Eversource throughout the permitting and construction process. Permitting and site investigations have been underway since 2019, and the contractor selection process will begin in late 2020.  Construction is slated to begin in early 2021 and be completed by August 2022.

Following the completion of the infrastructure upgrade project, the Ørsted and Eversource joint venture company will enter into a ten-year lease agreement, which will allow it to use State Pier for wind turbine generator pre-assembly and staging to power their
Revolution Wind, Sunrise Wind, and South Fork projects, This represents more than 1,700 MW total of offshore wind power including 304 MW coming to Connecticut through Revolution Wind. Approximately 400 new offshore wind-related jobs are anticipated to be created at the site as a result of these wind projects.

”Economic growth has remained a top priority throughout my administration, and this agreement paves the way for a surge in activity in New London and Eastern Connecticut that will cement the state’s position as a leader in the industry,”
said Governor Ned Lamont. “This new partnership achieves the goal of job growth in a critical part of our state, while making investments in clean energy, showing the world, yet again, that Connecticut will be a leader in addressing climate change.“

“Like our partner in the State of Connecticut, both Ørsted and Eversource believe taking on climate change is imperative, and offshore wind is one of the solutions that will not only help Connecticut shift away from fossil fuels but also drive significant economic development and local community investment,”
said CEO of Ørsted U.S. Offshore Wind Thomas Brostrøm. “We are confident that the revitalization of State Pier will put New London on the map for the offshore wind industry, attracting manufacturers and suppliers to choose the New London region, bringing along economic benefits and growth. We salute Governor Lamont and the State for all their hard work to finalize the agreement and launching Connecticut’s next great maritime industry.”

“In addition to the hundreds of well-paying, local jobs that will be created to construct our wind projects out of State Pier, we have also committed millions in local community investments as part of our Revolution Wind project and we will be partnering with local companies to develop a local offshore wind supply chain,”
said Eversource Executive Vice President of Strategy, Customer & Corporate Relations Joe Nolan. “We look forward to continuing our collaboration with the state, the Connecticut Port Authority, Gateway Terminal and other local partners  to bring the offshore wind industry to Connecticut’s shores, advance our clean energy economy and achieve our climate goals.”

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