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Hamburg prepared for ‘Hard Brexit’

The Port of Hamburg stated it is prepared in the event the United Kingdom exits from the European Union – even should Brexit occur without any treaty with the EU.

In a statement, the Port Authority explained that given Hamburg’s traditionally strong economic links with the United Kingdom, it is especially important to arrange future goods traffic with Great Britain as smoothly as possible.

Under-Secretary of State Dr Annette Tabbara, the Free and Hanseatic City’s delegate with the German government and the European Union, and for foreign affairs. “The Senate is well prepared, even for a ‘No Deal’ Brexit. Apart from the necessary legal adjustments, we have devoted special attention to how we can minimize the risks for our citizens and business in Hamburg, as well as universities and research institutions.”

Under-Secretary Dr. Torsten Sevecke: “The Port of Hamburg and our Customs and import controls are well prepared, and even for the eventuality that bottlenecks at ferry ports on the English Channel, in Antwerp or Rotterdam should cause re-routings to Hamburg. For some months, for all those involved extensive training has been available in Hamburg on preparing for various Brexit scenarios.”

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