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Port Esbjerg welcomes new crane

Port Esbjerg
Port Esbjerg’s new Liebherr crane arrived by ship from Rostock, Germany, earlier today (21st August 2019). The new crane is the world’s largest mobile harbour crane with a lifting capacity of more than 300 tonnes. At Port Esbjerg, the crane will be deployed to assist the offshore industry given the ever-growing size of wind turbines and other offshore installations.

Port Esbjerg already had the largest fleet of Liebherr mobile harbour cranes in Scandinavia, and it has now become even bigger. The new crane weighs almost 800 tonnes, is 48 metres in height and has a lifting capacity of 308 tonnes. In addition, the mobile harbour cranes at Port Esbjerg can now perform tandem lifting with two cranes working together to lift as much as 448 tonnes. Worldwide, there are only 12 cranes of this type, all manufactured by the German company Liebherr.

“I’m very excited about this new crane, because it will increase our capacity considerably. We need to be able to handle more and more heavy cargo in the future, and therefore we need to upgrade our capacity. I’m also pleased to note that few other ports in the world have a crane like this one, because it shows that Port Esbjerg is an international heavyweight,” said Mr Pedersen.

Port Esbjerg also stated that trends in the offshore industry have driven the need for a new crane capable of lifting larger and heavier cargo than the cranes currently available at Port Esbjerg. Part of the reason is that components for the offshore wind turbines in the North Sea are becoming larger and larger in size. At the same time, companies in other industries at the port increasingly need to be able to handle heavy machine parts and production equipment.

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