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Port of Roenne completes expansion

The Port of Roenne, located on the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea, has undergone in expansion in preparation for becoming the pre-assembly port for the Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm.

Construction company Aarsleff has formally handed the over the port following construction activities which saw the addition of 150,000 square meters and quays with the strength to support up to 50 tonnes per square meters.

“On behalf of the organization and I, I must say that it has been fascinating to follow the physical progress of the construction, where we have now obtained a total of 575 meters of berth, which has a carrying capacity of up to 50 tonnes per square meter. The collaboration has been good and the contractor has managed to deliver a high-quality construction – even on time. I can only express my full satisfaction with that,”
says Thomas Bendtsen, CEO of Port of Roenne A/S.

“Throughout the period we have had a good common understanding and a good cooperation on the new port. It has been an exciting project to be a part of. Our team has worked purposefully and hard, and we are extremely proud of the great result, which is now definitively handed over to Port of Roenne,”
says Rene Kold Søndergaard, department engineer at Aarsleff.

The Port of Roenne has been selected as a marshalling port for the Danish
Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm. It will see the storage and pre-assembly of wind turbine components ahead of offshore installation.

The Danish
Kriegers Flak  wind farm project is located in the Baltic Sea, and will consist of two parts. Kriegers Flak A, the west section, will have a total capacity of 200 MW. The east section, Kriegers Flak B, will have a total capacity of 400 MW. It will feature 72 Siemens Gamesa SG 8.0-167 DD turbines which have a rotor diameter of 167 metres. Swedish energy compnay Vattenfall secured the rights to the project in November 2016 with a winning bid of EUR 49.9 per MWh.

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