GE Renewable Energy (GE) has announc...">
GE Renewable Energy (GE) has announc...">

Haliade-X produces first power

GE Renewable Energy (GE) has announced that its 12 MW
Haliade-X prototype has produced its first kWh. Local teams will now proceed with testing phase, during which will perform different types of measurements to obtain a Type Certificate in 2020.

The project was supported by several entities including the City of Rotterdam, The Port of Rotterdam, TNO-ECN (a Dutch research and development entity performing testing on site), TKI Wind op ZEE (Top Consortium for Knowledge and Innovation Offshore Wind), RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency), French Investment Secretary (SGPI), and the French Agency for the Environmental and Energy Management (ADEME).

This Haliade-X 12 MW prototype unit was installed onshore to facilitate access during the testing phase. It is part of a multi-million dollar investment that GE claims will contribute to reducing the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) by making offshore wind a more competitive source of renewable energy.

Haliade-X features 107m long blades which have been designed by LM Wind Power. GE claims that the new model has a gross capacity factor of 63% and will be able to generate up to 67 GWh in gross annual energy. It estimates that each turbine could power 16,000 European households and save 24 million tons of carbon dioxide.

John Lavelle, CEO of Offshore Wind at GE Renewable Energy, said “This 1st kWh is a critical achievement for our whole team, bringing to fruition our vision and all the hard work we placed. Innovation is part of GE’s DNA, and having successfully powered the world’s first 12 MW wind turbine illustrates it perfectly. There are more than 500 GE women and men behind this great success who have been working for a year and a half to make this possible I’m also taking this opportunity to thank all our partners and suppliers for their commitment and support.”

A second Haliade-X 12 MW nacelle is currently being assembled at Saint-Nazaire, for dispatch to the ORE Catapult test centre in Blyth, United Kingdom, where it will be tested in operating conditions under a fiver-year research and development agreement.

Yesterday GE reported that a wind turbine blade designed for its
Haliade-X offshore wind turbine arrived at Massachusetts Clean Energy Center Wind Technology Testing Center in Boston. The blade will undergo a series of fatigue tests that involve moving it millions of times over the period of a few months to validate that it can withstand more than 25 years of operation at sea. The testing is part of the process of commercialising GE’s turbine by 2021.

Haliade-X 12 MW turbine has been selected for deployment on a number of projects both in the UK and in the USA. Subject to final agreed and signed contract and all required project approvals, Ørsted will deploy Haliade-X 12MW wind turbines on the two offshore wind farms constituting Ørsted’s Mid-Atlantic cluster. This includes the 120 MW Skipjack project off the coast of Maryland and the 1,100 MW Ocean Wind project off New Jersey.

SSE Renewables recently announced plans to deploy the Haliade-X turbine on three projects off the east coast of England,
Dogger Bank Creyke Beck A and Dogger Bank Creyke Beck B.

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