Copenhagen Malmö developing automated terminal

Copenhagen Malmö Port The development of a new terminal at Copenhagen Malmö Port is underway which is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021. The terminal will be semi-automatic, which means that the handling will be mainly automatic.

Right now the authorities are conducting an environmental assessment of the entire project – an extensive task which is expected to be completed during the coming six months.

The new container terminal will be 85,000m2 in size and have a depth of water of 12.5m. This is 2.5m deeper than the terminal currently is and will aims to allow future feeder ships to be handled at the terminal.

Povl Dolleris Røjkjær Ungar, COO Cars, General Cargo and Container within CMP. “Modern logistics solutions refers to a digitalised facility which delivers better and more stable freight flows, in other words, more automated flows with faster, smoother handling throughout the logistics chain.”

“It also guarantees our potential for expansion, so the terminal can grow in line with volume developments in the market. At the same time, the technology enables higher productivity compared with today and contributes to the more efficient and stable flows that we want to have.”

“In our view, automation also provides more advantages than just better flows – it also enhances safety in the handling process and produces a better work environment”, he continues.

The port stated that cranes, machinery and vehicles will be powered by renewable fuels. The sustainability aspects are also included at all times in the choice of energy solutions for heating, materials and technologies to be used in construction of the terminal.

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