The Port of Rotterdam has revealed that..."> The Port of Rotterdam has revealed that...">

Port of Rotterdam looks to offshore wind

The Port of Rotterdam has revealed that it will be explicitly expanding to further strengthen the position of the port and in the offshore wind segment.

Joost Eenhuizen, Business Manager Maritime and Offshore Industry at the Port of Rotterdam Authority recently spoke on the matter during a recent meeting of Offshore Community Rotterdam.

Eenhuizen stated: "Work is underway on a large number of offshore wind farms. When they become operational, this will amount to a major step forward in terms of sustainable electricity production."

“In the past, shipbuilding played a far more important role than today and coal handling has come under pressure. But offshore and activities in the area of sustainable power are becoming more and more important, and you need to respond and take advantage of developments like these.”

“Thanks in part to the entrepreneurs in this region, the port of Rotterdam is very well equipped to serve as a hub for the assembly, installation and maintenance of these large-scale farms.”

Eenhuizen believes that wind power and the Port of Rotterdam Authority are a great match. And not just in terms of economic growth: “It is our duty, both today and in the years ahead, to consistently recognise where the best opportunities lie for entrepreneurs in our region. And preserve the vitality of our port – by constructing new infrastructure, formulating policy or facilitating contacts between clients and entrepreneurs together with organisations like RPPC.”

In this undertaking, the Port of Rotterdam Authority’s role is allocating and redeveloping sites, supporting smooth operational settlement in the port, matchmaking and strengthening the existing cluster – through the establishment of Offshore Community Rotterdam, for example, in partnership with the Rotterdam Port Promotion Council.

The Port of Rotterdam is currently host to the worlds largest offshore wind turbine, GE Renewable Energys 12MW
Haliade-X. It features 107m long blades and GE claims that the new model has a gross capacity factor of 63% and will be able to generate up to 67 GWh in gross annual energy. It estimates that each turbine could power 16,000 European households and save 24 million tons of carbon dioxide. GE plans to obtain a type certificate by mid-2020 and to commercialise the wind turbine by 2021.

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