Trio forges green hydrogen alliance

Port of Oostende, DEME Concessions and PMV have formed an exclusive partnership to establish a plant in the Port of Ostend by 2025 that produces green hydrogen. This hydrogen produced is expected to serve as an energy source for electricity, transport, heat and fuel purposes and as a raw material for industrial purposes.

If hydrogen (H2) is produced with electricity by means of electrolysis, no CO2 is released in the process. However, the hydrogen produced can only be called green if the electricity used in the process has also been generated using renewable energy. The term ‘green hydrogen is thus used when green electricity converts water into hydrogen via electrolysis.

With energy transition in mind, the three companies aim temporarily to store green energy surplus produced by renewable energy projects such as offshore wind farms. This is expected to be achieved using hydrogen as an energy carrier or via use of hydrogen as an alternative raw material for converting the industry away from fossil fuels.

The project, named HYPORT Oostende, is planned to be located in the Plassendale 1 port area. In the first phase of the process, general feasibility will be further investigated and a development plan will be worked out. A demonstration project with mobile shore-based power will then be started. A demonstration project with an electrolyser of around 50 MW is also scheduled.

By 2022, the roll-out of a large-scale shore-based power project, running on green hydrogen, will start. The finish line will be crossed in 2025 with the completion of a commercial green hydrogen plant in the context of the planned new offshore wind concessions.

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