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Valenciaport joins TradeLens

Valenciaport has been integrated into the TradeLens project, a technological solution developed by IBM and Maersk, to apply the blockchain to the global supply chain. Valenciaport has been integrated as "Early Adopters", a category for which the parties consider themselves of mutual interest so that the technologies that are developed consider Valenciaport as a collaborator from the beginning.

The TradeLens ecosystem currently includes more than 20 port operators and terminals around the world, representing approximately 234 seaports on five continents, including PSA Singapore, ICTSI, Patrick Terminals, Modern Terminals in Hong Kong, Port of Halifax, Port of Rotterdam, Port of Bilbao, PortConnect, PortBase and terminal operators Holt Logistics in the Port of Philadelphia. 

The use of TradeLens allows to reduce the transit time of a shipment by 40%, according to IBM and Maersk. Based on IBM Blockchain technology, the TradeLens solution allows multiple business partners to collaborate creating a single shared view of a transaction respecting the privacy and confidentiality of the data. This technology aims to increase the efficiency of the logistics chain since all the agents involved (shippers, shipping companies, freight forwarders, terminals, carriers and customs) can access in real time the data transmission documents as well as sensor data that includes from the temperature control in a refrigerated container up to the weight of the container.

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